Friday 9/7/12 Discussion: Severe Weather Event Likely This Evening/Overnight

We’re going to have a decent day, but changes ARE on the way…welcome to your Friday, September 7 morning discussion.

TODAY: It’s important that I distinguish straight away that there are two separate *POTENTIAL* severe weather events on tap today. The morning hours will be fine, except for fog, which will be less dense than the past couple mornings.

The first event to watch is that scattered showers and storms will pop this afternoon to the west of Cincinnati. These should move east, and I think anytime from 3 PM onward, we do stand a chance at a severe weather threat. All indications are we MAY have enough shear (change in wind with height) available for a conditional tornado potential in the afternoon as storms may become supercellular in nature, according to the Storm Prediction Center which has placed the entire area in a SLIGHT risk for today and tonight. Highs today will be around 89.

TONIGHT: This is the main event late tonight with a strong cold front sweeping down into the area in the evening and overnight period. There should be a squall line that forms in Indiana along the front. With this line, expect damaging winds and large hail to be the primary threats.

SATURDAY: At this point, I think I can back off the forecast of rain throughout the day on Saturday. In fact, it looks like the front is possibly outta here by midday…so PM plans might be okay, if you don’t mind some wet grass/mud. Highs on Saturday will be a very nice 73.

SUNDAY-THURSDAY: A very nice four or really 5 day stretch setting up for this period. Highs will rise from 74 on Sunday to the low 80s on Wednesday and Thursday. In short, a break from what seems like a deluge lately. (We can’t win for losing, can we? We either get not enough or now, suddenly, too much at once!)

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The next update will be a special midday update with the latest on our severe potential around noon. Until then, take care.

Jeremy Moses


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