Saturday 9/8 Discussion: A Nice, Long Break

SATURDAY: At this point, I think I can back off the forecast of rain throughout the day today. In fact, it looks like the front is possibly outta here by midday…so PM plans might be okay, if you don’t mind some wet grass/mud. Highs today will be a very nice 75.

SUNDAY-THURSDAY: A very nice four or really 5 day stretch setting up for this period. Highs will rise from 74 on Sunday to the low 80s on Wednesday and Thursday. I will note, we’ll probably need to put some dense fog in the morning forecasts the next 2-3 mornings like we had Wednesday-Friday last week. In short, a break from what seems like a deluge lately.

FRIDAY: Another nice day…middle 80’s, but it may be a bit more humid.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Finally, a thank you to everybody that followed us yesterday! Facebook and Twitter is where this got started, and I do try not to forget that.

If you’d like to follow along:
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The next update will be tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend till then!

Jeremy Moses


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