Sunday 9/9 Discussion: “It Was So Nice I’m Still Rubbing Sleep Out of My Eyes” Edition

Good late morning everybody. It was a nice night across the Tri-State…great sleeping weather, thus the title. 🙂

TODAY: Okay, here’s the deal. It does look like there will be a reinforcing shot of cool air coming in the form of a second cold front. This one will be quite weak, but it’s going to have enough dynamics with it that it would be able to kick off a shower or two. The chances are very low, so don’t cancel your plans, but I’m going to go ahead and tack a chance on for this afternoon. Any showers should be brief and by sunset be gone. Highs today will be about where they were Saturday, maybe a couple degrees either side…so, around 75.

TONIGHT: Another nice night on tap. Again, any rain showers should be out of here by sunset. Leave those windows open again…low around 51. Some of those lower valley locations (I.E. around Lunken Field) may drop into the 40’s!

MONDAY-THURSDAY: We’ll warm things up a step each day….but we’ll stay dry. Highs slowly warm to the mid 80’s, lows from the 50’s up to the low 60’s.

FRIDAY-NEXT SATURDAY: It looks as if a front may slip in here overnight Thursday into Friday morning…but the timing may be such that we don’t have any rain. I’ll keep that front dry right now and let you know if I need to put in a rain chance. Friday and Saturday look nice still, as that front may knock us back a few degrees into the lower 80’s.

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Next discussion up Monday morning. Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jeremy Moses


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