Monday 9/10/12 Discussion: Divide By 3 or Multiply By 3?

Wow, a third NICE day on tap…with it being the 9th month of 2012 I figured I’d incorporate 3 into the title…which at 4 AM I just realized would’ve worked better YESTERDAY. Oops. Welcome to your Monday, September 10 forecast discussion…

TODAY: We’ll start with yet another cool morning in the Cincy area. As I write this shortly before 3 AM, temperatures in most of our area are in the 50’s with the notable exception that downtown Weather Underground stations appear to be in the lower 60’s. That’s nice, dry air…and it’s sticking around. We will recover to the middle and upper 70’s — I’m going with 77.

TONIGHT-FRIDAY NIGHT: There’s not a lot to talk about. Highs Tuesday will be in the upper 70’s (around 79), after lows tonight back near 55. There won’t be major changes to the Wednesday-Friday forecasts…highs going from 80 on Wednesday to 83 on Thursday to 86 on Friday, with lows ranging from 59 Wednesday morning to 64 by Saturday morning.

THE WEEKEND: Now… This is where I’ll be making some quite unwelcome changes. Unfortunately, it looks like that front I thought would come in lacking moisture…may just have some kick to it after all. So, I have to put in chances of showers and storms Saturday afternoon. (Begin grumbling now, and believe me, I’m with you.) Those chances last through Sunday but become isolated that day…so, if you, like me, are heading down to Paul Brown Stadium for the Bengals home opener, take the rain gear, and be ready for an isolated storm anytime during the game. Highs on Saturday will be around 85, with Sunday highs back down to 75 and lows Saturday night in the lower 60’s.

SOCIAL MEDIA NOTES: Finally, a note for all our new followers on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter: I appreciate you spreading the word about NKYWx…I really do. Please keep in mind when sharing posts from the site and social media that I do indeed put work into things like this discussion, and take time away from my family to help keep you safe during severe weather. Not as much as the TV mets do, but I’m doing all this on my own time…and I’m not complaining, believe me…I love and enjoy what I do on these sites because it helps me learn coding, believe it or not. If you’re sharing our info in the RIGHT way and crediting us, thank you and feel free to skip the


long paragraph below.

I hope this will be the only time I need to drive this point home in the discussions here…please credit NKY Weather when sharing info you get from these posts and/or our Facebook or Twitter feeds. On twitter, use the Re-tweet button on any app or the Twitter website. Of course, on Facebook’s website use the “Share” button liberally — and that’s not just me trying to get cheap hits. If you’re unable to be on a computer and are posting from one of the official Facebook apps due to severe weather (i.e., copying and then pasting) credit NKYWx on Facebook as a text annotation — as long as you note the source, it won’t bug me if there’s no link to the page on the status, really! It really DOES, however, bug me when I or others don’t get proper credit that is deserved. Unfortunately, at least one person didn’t do so, and it wasn’t just NKYWx being victimized. It had to be dealt with on Sunday afternoon, when I could’ve/would have been enjoying a relaxing day off watching the full slate of football. That’s really all I ask…share, retweet, whatever to get the word out, especially during severe weather…just please, credit NKYWx and/or (depending on where the post originated) when doing so. It makes MY life easier by keeping me from chasing down plagiarism, and keeps my loving and observant girlfriend from finding additional grey hairs on Saturdays. 😉 (I’m kidding, Kayla, in case you see this.) Again, I hope this will be the first and last mention of this policy on this site — it was addressed with Facebook and Twitter Sunday.

Next discussion up Monday evening here on the blog…until then take care!

Jeremy Moses


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