Wednesday 9/12 Discussion: Are We Heading for the Chill Chest?

It’s nice again…how long will it last? Welcome to your Wednesday morning forecast discussion for September 12, 2012…

TODAY: It’s pretty much a “Groundhog Day” scenario. (Ever see that movie? Heh.) Sunny skies, highs in the 80’s. I’m going with 83 today, we’ll see how that plays out.

TONIGHT-FRIDAY AM: Rinse and repeat for Thursday. Sunny skies and temperatures that, after beginning around 62, ease upward to the middle 80’s. Thursday night I think we’re in the middle 60’s.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON-SATURDAY: Ah, here are the changes. You’ll notice I didn’t include Friday afternoon in the above paragraph. That’s because clouds increase from midday on, and by the mid-afternoon showers and storms develop. It’s basically a repeat of last Friday, EXCEPT there will likely NOT be severe storms as things appear right at this moment. Could that change? Yes. Will we be on top of it if it does? You betcha.

SUNDAY-MONDAY: I think we’re okay for Sunday and Monday. Highs back into the middle 70’s Sunday and maybe lower 80’s Monday under once again, sunny skies.

SNEAK PEEK: If the GFS is right, could we be looking at some changes coming? For now, I’ll direct you to my friend Josh Ketchen at Ohio Valley Forecasting Center on Facebook and to his Twitter feed too, as I’ve simply not had enough time to adequately look at things myself, but I’ll detail what I see in tonight’s blog post. Let’s just say, if he’s right, I’m buying stock in Tylenol. 😉 😦

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NEXT DISCUSSION: I intend to be on a regular, reliable schedule of posting twice on weekdays and once on Saturday/Sunday. The next update, therefore, will be this evening, probably after 7 PM. Till then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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