Friday Morning 9/14 Discussion: Temperatures Cooling Off

We’re going to have a day of ups, and then way down…welcome to your Friday morning forecast discussion for September 14, 2012.

TODAY: The next front comes in approximately midday. Rain chances are very low because there is no upper air support. I’ll leave a 20 percent chance of a shower in, but honestly, I now think most of us stay dry — including high school football tonight. That’s a big switch from last week! I think we’re looking at 77 by midday, and that’s my forecast high. I see some clouds moving in, but I think that conditions will be good for a quick warmup ahead of it. At that point, it looks like the temperatures take a tumbIe, and I can certainly see a fall off to the low 70’s by 5:00.

THIS WEEKEND: Nice weekend, and even a decent weather Monday, is on tap again! Sunny skies will be the rule. I look for highs around 75 Saturday, with 77 Sunday and 78 Monday. Lows on Saturday morning will still start out QUITE chilly…in the upper 40’s (I’m going 48 — sheltered locations may easily be several degrees cooler). Then lows on Sunday and Monday into the upper 40’s to low 50’s (49 and 53 for Sunday and Monday respectively). So, if you’re going down to Bengals/Browns at Paul Brown Stadium Sunday, maybe wear the sweatpants with a sweater and put on a t-shirt underneath the sweater.

EARLY NEXT WEEK: There will be a cool down from even the 70’s early next week. The next front comes in on Monday Night and Tuesday. Models are still agreeing with this front being fairly potent…so some rain looks like a good bet in this timeframe. Will it bring severe weather? Right now, I don’t see it — but rain is a good bet. Highs still remain in the 70’s on Tuesday. The front is out of here Tuesday night, and skies clear in the late evening. That means temperatures might just drop into the mid 40’s, and I can’t rule out that sheltered locations get into the LOWER 40’s. Dig out the jackets…and, if you’re sensitive to big temperature swings like me, the arthritis medicines. Ugh.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Expect sunny skies on Wednesday. Highs will be lucky to reach the upper 60’s as things look right now — and that could even change. Stay tuned. Another disturbance will push through on Thursday, keeping things cool and unsettled with some showers.

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Next discussion tonight after 6:00…until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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