Saturday 9/15 Discussion: Starting with a Slight Chill

We’re starting out with jacket weather in the Cincinnati metro! Good morning and welcome to your Saturday forecast discussion for September 15, 2012!

TODAY: It’s starting out, as I mentioned, with a chill. Temperatures dropped into the 40’s and low 50’s areawide. From these lows, we’ll rebound nicely…to the middle 70’s under sunny skies!

SUNDAY: Another chilly night, another nice and sunny afternoon. Looking like highs around 78 after lows again in the upper 40’s to low 50’s. Heading to the Bengals game? Grab the jacket/hoodie, but wear a t-shirt under it. By the final gun you may be a bit warm for said jacket. (By the way, if you go to the game…don’t be surprised if you see yours truly and his mother there, and feel free to say hello if you recognize me! Mom’s on crutches, I’m the one in the blue wheelchair with silver reflective tape, and both of us will be in Bengals gear.)

MONDAY/TUESDAY: Okay, here’s where change comes into play. I am bringing the rain chances in a slight bit earlier on Monday…thinking late afternoon. At this point, Monday night/Tuesday look rather soggy. Highs Monday should top out around that 78 degree mark, and we can forget about 70 on Tuesday…upper 60’s may be all we can do due to clouds/rain.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: I’m still keeping sunshine in Wednesday’s forecast, and same with Thursday. For right now, I keep the chance of rain in Friday’s forecast, as it still looks to me like Friday afternoon maybe a wet one. (Stay tuned for more on this.) Highs climb back up toward the 70’s on Thursday and Friday, after another day in the upper 60’s Wednesday.

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NEXT DISCUSSION: I usually do only one discussion apiece on Saturday and Sunday, unless a weather situation were to warrant more updates. Therefore, the next update will be Sunday morning before 10 AM. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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