Sunday 9/16/12 Forecast Discussion: Are You Kidding Me??

Well, that sure seems to be what I am saying a lot this morning as I look past Monday! Welcome to your forecast discussion for Sunday, September 16, 2012!

TODAY: Once again today, we’ll start out in the 40’s and 50’s (except urban areas seem to be hanging around 60) for lows areawide. As we go into the afternoon, expect nice weather for Bengals/Browns, for grilling out, for basically anything outdoors! (Related note, I’m going to that Bengals game – if you see me, say hi!) Highs this afternoon should end up in the middle 70’s.

TONIGHT-MONDAY: Okay, I do think we’re okay for tonight, in terms of rain only. Why do I specifically say that? Well, we’ve got our next system coming in. All indications are that the clouds will be on the increase going into tomorrow. That said, again, we’re dry tonight, and I think we’re in the lower 50’s for most everyone. Monday, the modeling suggests some showers breaking out with dynamics already in place…and while I do NOT agree with the timing, and think it’s a bit fast, I have no choice but to increase the rain threat Monday afternoon.

MONDAY NIGHT-TUESDAY: Here’s that front I mentioned. Temperatures Monday night drop as low as 60, but no further. Under clouds and rain on Tuesday, we cannot recover – I think we’re in the middle 60’s. That’s it, and that’s likely a high that occurs early in the afternoon. Temperatures begin to PLUMMET on Tuesday afternoon…and I think we’re already in the 50’s by the time 6 PM rolls around. This is where I first asked, “Are you kidding me??” — because one particular model has a temperature anomaly at -10 to -15 degrees! Folks, by this time of year, our average highs are in the upper 70’s. You can forget that Tuesday *IF* we’re lucky.

TUESDAY NIGHT-WEDNESDAY: The front will be gone by this point. So, where are our temperatures? They’re hitting bottom. Again, “Are you kidding me??” Oh, dear readers, I wish I WERE. Alas, we fall into the middle 40’s just about everywhere Tuesday night (after getting that head start on Tuesday afternoon), and struggle just to hit the mid 60’s on Wednesday.

THURSDAY-FRIDAY: Beyond that, Thursday may indeed be more of the same…highs struggling to the upper 60’s, yet we have full sun. Wow. Then, another front on Friday and I need to leave the rain chances in.

NEXT SATURDAY: Once more…”Are you kidding me??” Sensing a theme here? We’re dry, but yet AGAIN we’re struggling into the middle 60’s on a stiff north wind. If you go far enough north in Ohio? I can’t rule out that you don’t get out of the 50’s! Ouch.

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NEXT DISCUSSION: My next update will be Monday morning at 9…unless I’m hung over from the Bengals game today. Until then, take care, be smart and be SAFE.

Jeremy Moses


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