Saturday Morning 9/22 Forecast Discussion: Cooling Off and Drying Out… Temporarily Anyway

It’s been a wet night for many of us, so what’s in store for Oktoberfest or anything else you plan outdoors? Welcome to your Saturday Forecast Discussion for September 22, 2012!

TODAY: We’re going to dry out as we go through the morning, and by the time Oktoberfest Zinzinnati gets going around 11 AM on Fifth Street, we should be fine, so get down there and enjoy some German beer, some wiener schnitzel and maybe a cream puff or two, yeah? Another cold front is set to swing through this afternoon, but I think this one is dry for the metro and points south. If you’re heading for points near and north of I-70, you do stand a chance of rain with that system. Highs today end up around 70.

TONIGHT-SUNDAY: Clouds will be on the decrease tonight, and while it will be chilly, it’s not the coldest forecast number we have the next 7 days. We’ll drop things down to the middle 40’s tonight. Sunday, we’re dry — but we’re also dealing with a northwest wind. That wind won’t let warm air move in…consequently, I have highs in around 61-62.

SUNDAY NIGHT/MONDAY: Okay, now THIS is the coldest part of our forecast. As we go through Sunday night, the cold air continues to spill south like water from a glass. You see where this is going. If you are in the city of Cincinnati, you’ll stay around 40. Elsewhere expect a low temperature Monday morning between 36-39, and widespread frost to develop. In the low-lying areas you might even drop as low as 33. Ouch. Monday, we do our best but I think we only recover to 66.

TUESDAY-FRIDAY: The forecast gets a bit tricky from here. We will certainly stick with the warmup we’ve been teasing. Tuesday morning it looks like moisture will pool up around the area, but I simply don’t see a trigger for showers like the NWS may be seeing. That said, I can’t rule out something convective popping up, so I’ll throw a slight chance in for the afternoon. Another front drops through on Wednesday, but hangs up along the river Wednesday night and Thursday at least. Model solutions differ on how quickly it finally moves away, so I’m going to insert a rain chance Wednesday and Wednesday night, and keep one in for Thursday. Friday hinges on what happens with the front, but for right now I am going to go with the idea that it finally clears the area to the south and we’re dry. It doesn’t appear that this front will have much if any impact on temperatures…we’ll stay in the 70’s through the period with lows in the 50’s, effectively around normal.

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NEXT UPDATE: We’re sticking with the once a day on weekends schedule. So the next update will be Sunday morning. Also, a HEADS UP for next week. Due to the Spina Bifida Association Walk and Roll, the discussion next Saturday morning will definitively be posted sometime before 8:00. I cannot guarantee exact time — it’ll depend on how busy I am as my walk team’s captain. I typically push the post out manually as soon as I have it done. Speaking of pushing these discussions out, that’s what I’m going to do now. Until tomorrow, take care and have a great weekend!

Jeremy Moses


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