Tuesday 9/25/2012 Forecast Discussion: Unsettled Times Ahead

We had a nice Monday — but it’s about to get somewhat wet around here. Welcome to your Tuesday morning forecast for September 25, 2012!

TODAY: We are starting a time period that looks quite unsettled. A mid-level disturbance ahead of an approaching cold front drops in over the next 6-12 hours, with a chance of rain. As you guys know, I’d been going with the best chances in the afternoon…but it still looks like the best lift is around this morning. I still think, though, that rain is possible at any time today. It will not rain everywhere all day. We will have highs around 73.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: The aforementioned front drops through on Wednesday, but hangs up just south of here Thursday. This means three things:

  • There will be a chance of rain all the way through this timeframe.
  • On Wednesday, with good dynamics, there IS the chance of severe weather.
  • There’s some uncertainty about just where the front stalls out – which means we need to watch out on Thursday and Friday as well for a severe weather potential – especially across NKY south of the metro (we’re talking Carroll, Gallatin, Owen, Grant, Pendleton, Robertson, Mason, Bracken and Lewis Counties).

It doesn’t appear that this front will have much if any impact on temperatures…we’ll end up in the 70′s through the period with lows in the 50′s and maybe low 60’s, effectively around or just above normal.

THE WEEKEND-MONDAY: I’m not sure what the NWS sees that indicates a dry weekend. There is clearly going to be a setup, much like last weekend north of us, where some showery weather will be possible. I’m also concerned that the front may still be stuck in Kentucky somewhere, close enough to influence things. I’m leaving rain in the forecast over the weekend. I still think temperatures are in the lower 70’s where rain doesn’t fall. Lows may end up in the upper 40’s and low 50’s.

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NEXT DISCUSSION: I keep hoping to be back in the evening – but again yesterday, that didn’t quite happen as I took a nap at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon and didn’t wake up until 8:00 PM. I apologize for that. Sleep cycles…gotta love them, eh? I will make myself be up at 5 tonight for an update, especially if there’s something important to share. Until then, take care and stay dry and safe!



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