Monday 10/1 Quick Discussion: Still Rainy, Chance of Severe Tuesday

A quick update for the next 36 hours, and I’ll deal with the Wednesday-next Monday timeframe in tomorrow’s morning post. I am fighting off the apparent beginnings of a cold (thanks, mom), so I’ll be keeping this brief in hopes of getting semi-decent sleep tonight.

TONIGHT: That surface low I mentioned this morning continues its slow progression north. As it does, rain will continue off and on throughout the night. At 7:20 PM, rain continues over a good portion of the area especially from the river north. Lows tonight will bottom out around 59.

TUESDAY/TUESDAY NIGHT: There continue to be indications that we’ll have some decent instability here tomorrow. Things will start off dry, and because of that I think we could make it to 70.

The Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma has placed the entire area in a SLIGHT RISK for tomorrow and tomorrow night, with damaging winds and hail as the main threats. However, an isolated tornado is possible given modest turning of wind with height. We’ll watch it.

The entire mess gets out of here tomorrow night late, and I do expect a mainly dry Wednesday/Thursday. Again, we’ll discuss that tomorrow morning in the usual update.



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