UPDATED 6:15 AM — Thursday AM 10/4 Discussion: Great Day Ahead, Then Rain Returns

UPDATE 6:15 AM: Some showers formed back in Indiana, which I had not expected. These showers may move across parts of the area mainly north of the river through 9:00 AM, and may bring a quick downpour. Grab the umbrella, BUT most of us won’t need it, especially east of town. The rest of the forecast remains unchanged.

Finally, those stubborn clouds are gone…but they won’t stay gone. Welcome to your Thursday morning forecast for October 4, 2012!

TODAY/TONIGHT: It will be a nice day today, as highs will reach 78. As for sky conditions, we’ll be mostly sunny to start and then clouds will increase later. Those clouds will stick around tonight as we fall to around 55.

FRIDAY-SATURDAY NIGHT: Okay, Friday is looking like a mostly dry day except showers develop in the afternoon. Highs will be around 72. Friday night’s football games or doing anything outdoors on Saturday look like wet propositions, to say the very least. 😦 Temperatures end up around 57 Saturday, with lows in the upper 40’s Saturday morning.

SUNDAY-WEDNESDAY: At this point, I do have to insert a small chance of rain Sunday. I think that’s mainly in the morning, and it’s 30 percent at best. The bad news? It won’t feel so nice. I’m still going 55 on Sunday and 60 on Monday. Lows both mornings could fall as low as 36, and bring our next chance of frost. For folks north of I-70, I can’t rule out a freeze even! I hear farmers scrambling for their frost protection gear. Into Tuesday and Wednesday, we do start to warm things up with highs in the 60’s. Tuesday morning could be a frosty one again, but then Wednesday morning, the frost threat is much less with lows in the 40’s.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along as I watch our skies and occasionally our roads:

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NEXT DISCUSSION: The next update will be up by 6 PM tonight. Until then, have a great day!

Jeremy Moses


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