Wednesday 10/10 Forecast Discussion: Another Chilly Day


It’s setting up to be a chilly day, but a warmup is still on the way! Welcome to your Wednesday morning forecast for October 10, 2012.

TODAY: We’ve got a cold front pushing through this morning. The result has been some cloud cover, but most of the rain has stayed north. I’m going to drop the high to 56 for this afternoon, as while I do think we clear out by midday, the issue is that we’ll deal with a stiff northwest wind. For the Reds game at 4:07 PM, they’ll be playing under dry skies, but you’ll want to take the sweater as temperatures will plunge into the 40’s by the end of the game.

TONIGHT AND THURSDAY: Tonight it gets cold again with lows close to the freezing mark…we’re all (as of 3 AM) under a FREEZE WATCH for tonight. (NOTE: I will update the social media sites if this changes before tonight’s update…I don’t think it’ll warrant a major change to this discussion as I suspect a freeze warning may be issued.) At this point, highs for tomorrow will be around 65 under partly cloudy skies again. Now…here’s the rub. Models continued to bring a chance of rain tomorrow night with a warm front. I’m not sure I buy the rain chance…but I can’t rule it out entirely. I’ll keep most of us dry, but the far southern counties do stand a better chance. Lows Thursday night will be back around 46.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: Friday and Saturday will be dry with highs around 63 on Friday behind that little wave on Thursday night, and 72 on Saturday ahead of the next cold front. I need to leave that rain chance on Sunday, because I still think that the next front will have something to it. At this point, it doesn’t look like a major problem, but stay tuned on this one…it could still affect the Bengals game Sunday, even if only the second half. Either way, we will be back into the 70’s Sunday afternoon. Low temperatures will be in the 50’s. I still think NWS Wilmington is slightly too high for lows on Saturday night, so I’ll go 58.

MONDAY: Back to dry conditions and highs around 68. Fall is definitely here.

TUESDAY: Again, nice conditions with a high in the lower 70’s.

TRAFFIC NOTES: Yesterday, I did a lot of tweeting about local traffic with the Reds game happening right in the middle of rush hour, and as it turned out it was absolutely the right decision as the PM drive turned into a big mess for folks in the north suburbs. I will do the same thing for today’s 4:07 PM game, starting at 2 PM. My apologies in advance for the massive amount of information likely to flood your Twitter and Facebook feed during the 2-5 PM timeframe.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along as I watch our skies and, as warranted, our streets:

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NKYWx on Twitter

NEXT UPDATE: The next update here will be at 5:00 this evening. Until then, take care and try to keep warm!




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