Wednesday 10/10 PM Discussion: A Big Freeze Expected

The early fall chill continues…but it won’t last too much longer. Welcome to your evening forecast for Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

TONIGHT AND THURSDAY: Tonight it gets cold again with lows close to the freezing mark…we’re all under a FREEZE WARNING for tonight. At this point, highs for tomorrow will be around 65 under partly cloudy skies again. Now…here’s the rub. Models continued to bring a chance of rain tomorrow night with a front. I’m not sure I buy the rain chance…but I can’t rule it out entirely. I’ll keep most of us dry, but the far southern counties do stand a better chance. Lows Thursday night will be back around 46.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: Friday and Saturday will be dry with highs around 62 on Friday behind that little wave on Thursday night, and 75 on Saturday ahead of the next cold front as winds veer around to the south. I continue to leave that rain chance on Sunday, because I still think that the next front will have something to it. At this point, it doesn’t look like a major problem, but stay tuned on this one…it could still affect the Bengals game Sunday, even if only the second half. Either way, we will be back into the low 70’s Sunday afternoon. Low temperatures will be in the 50’s. For some reason, other meteorologists continued to put us in the low 60’s Saturday night. I’m starting to come around, but I don’t think the warm air advection is that strong, and indeed I think we might see some increase in clouds ahead of that cold front. I’ll go 61, begrudgingly.

MONDAY: Back to dry conditions and highs around 68. Fall is definitely here.

TUESDAY AND NEXT WEDNESDAY: As of right now, I’ll leave us dry with highs in the 70’s.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along as I watch our skies and, as warranted, our streets:

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NEXT DISCUSSION: The next update should be tomorrow morning before 7:00. Until then, take care and GO REDS!



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