Friday 10/26 AM Discussion: Feeling the Chill!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the nice weather…because we’re now looking at a free fall to below normal! Welcome to your Friday morning forecast for October 26, 2012!

TODAY-SATURDAY: What starts off as a morning that feels nice with lows in the upper 50’s, will turn into a chilly, raw afternoon with temperatures actually doing a nosedive into the 40’s by late day. At 4 AM, a front was located JUST west of Cincinnati…winds are from the northwest at Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Seymour but from the south or southwest at Cincinnati, Columbus, and Huntington. Along with this will be a chance of rainfall, particularly from mid-morning on. We’ll plummet to the lower 40’s tonight and then struggle to recover to near 53 Saturday afternoon. Rain should continue through the night before diminishing west to east and then Saturday afternoon I cannot rule out a couple peeks of the sun.

SUNDAY-MONDAY: I have us dry, but chilly still. We’ll be lucky to see 50 Sunday, and crash into the UPPER 40’s Monday for a high! Lows will be in the middle and lower 30’s.

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: A lot of the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday depends on Sandy. Refer to the post below for what the latest computer runs are saying. Thursday we should finally dry out, but it’s going to be quite chilly still. If we get a fresh snowpack to our north and east, I can’t rule out that we stay in the 40’s. Right now, I’ll go with low 50’s. Lows will definitely be in the 30’s though.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along as I look at our skies and occasionally the streets:

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NEXT UPDATE: There’ll be two updates this afternoon: One to discuss Sandy at 3 PM, and one to talk about the remainder of the forecast shortly thereafter. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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