Saturday 10/27 Forecast: Cold, But Drying Temporarily

It’s been a rainy night, but it’s going to dry out for the weekend! Welcome to your forecast for Saturday, October 27, 2012!

TODAY: We’ll struggle to recover to near 53 this afternoon. Rain showers will slowly push east and out of here as we go through the morning. We will start out cloudy but for this afternoon I cannot rule out a couple peeks of the sun.

SUNDAY-MONDAY: Sunday, I still think we are dry with highs at best around 52. Sunday night, I am expecting clouds to filter in from the east, yes I said east. Now…as we hit Monday, Sandy starts to affect our eastern counties, especially late in the day. For the metro and points west, I’ll keep the forecast dry. Highs on Monday will still be in the 40’s. Lows both Sunday and Monday mornings will be in the 30’s.

TUESDAY-FRIDAY: A lot of the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday depends on Sandy. Right now, I think we will keep a chance of rain in on Tuesday, which may mix with snow Tuesday night and Wednesday. Temperatures will be in the lower 30’s at night and lower 40’s during the day. Winds may also be very gusty, as high as 40 MPH at times. Thursday we should finally dry out, but it’s going to be quite chilly still. If we get a fresh snowpack to our north and east, I can’t rule out that we stay in the 40’s. Right now, I’ll go with low 50’s. Lows will definitely be in the 30’s though.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along as I look at our skies and occasionally the streets:

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NEXT UPDATES: With Sandy causing a major problem on the east coast, we’ll be updating a couple times a day all weekend. I cannot give you a definitive schedule, but expect at least 3 posts per day. One of those will be your normal forecast and the other two will be Sandy-specific. Until later today, stay warm and take care!

Jeremy Moses


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