As promised, here is a specific update for Hurricane Sandy’s impacts to the East Coast…

WINDS: I think the National Hurricane Center is making the wrong move in not issuing hurricane or tropical storm watches or warnings north of Duck, NC. There WILL BE hurricane force winds within 200 miles of wherever Sandy makes landfall. Tropical Storm force winds could extend out 600 miles (!!!!) from the center!

STORM SURGE: According to NHC, life threatening storm surge can be anticipated north of the center of Sandy. They have up to 11 feet of storm surge into NYC as well as in Long Island Sound which will cause major coastal flooding and might even do damage to transit systems in NYC. Waves will be even higher than that! Storm surge will even affect the Great Lakes with waves as high as 18 feet on the open waters and 15 feet near the lakeshore!

INLAND FLOODING: We will see inland flooding from this as well. Up to ten inches of rain may fall in parts of Maryland and Delaware.

SNOW: And if all of that wasn’t enough, several FEET of snow will be possible in the highest elevations of WV/PA.

BOTTOM LINE: Please, please follow all directions of your local emergency management agency. If told to evacuate, GET OUT…you may be putting your life in danger if you do not do so. If you are told to stay, gather some necessary supplies:

  • Enough non-perishable food and water for each member of your family for a MINIMUM of 72 hours, and preferably up to one week, and a manual (NOT ELECTRIC unless it is battery powered) can opener
  • Any necessary medical supplies, including first aid gear
  • Battery operated flashlight and radio, and enough batteries for those devices
  • Warm clothes
  • After the storm, don’t go near any downed trees or power lines. These can cause severe injury or death!

    This is a serious, life threatening situation. If you do not heed the warnings, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Please take the situation EXTREMELY seriously!



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