10/29 Monday Night Update: The Worst Is Yet To Come

Here is an update on the Cincinnati forecast…as a reminder we are ONLY dealing with the time period during which Sandy is affecting our region until Wednesday morning’s update.

TONIGHT/TUESDAY: This is the really ugly part of the forecast…thus the tagline. We’ll head into tonight with the winds continuing, strong from the north. Later tonight, the worst winds will arrive, with wind gusts as high as 55 MPH. Rain will also continue. The best chance of snow mixing into the equation in metro Cincinnati will be in this time frame. Lows will be around 33 tonight with highs AT BEST on Tuesday only around 40. Yes, I’m still going cooler than the NWS forecast.

TOMORROW NIGHT AND WEDNESDAY: From here, things will slowly improve. Tuesday night I still think winds will be gusty, to as high as 45 MPH. Rain will taper off slowly from the west Wednesday morning, as Sandy scoots off to the northeast. I am at this point going to say that we still need to allow for a rain/snow mix east of town. Lows on Tuesday night will fall to near 30, with highs on Wednesday rising to 45.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Please note that there’ve been a lot of tweets and Facebook posts that are NOT about Cincinnati. I am making an effort to try to warn as many folks as possible to get the heck out of the way, and we’ve also been following a hazmat situation in Louisville. That said, follow along:

NKYWx on Facebook
NKYWx on Twitter

NEXT UPDATE: I’m not going to promise anything from this point onward because it will depend on the internet staying up here at HQ. If it goes offline, updates will be less frequent, but I cannot promise when they’ll go up (I do have a smartphone, and have means to power it as may be necessary). Take care…PLEASE be safe over the next 48 hours!



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