Election Day National Forecast: Where Will the Issues Be?

As everyone knows, tomorrow is a big day nationally. We elect 33 Senators, all of the House of Representatives, and the President, along with too many other races to list nationally. So, let’s look at the weather, and where it MIGHT affect the vote:

MIDWEST: Some scattered rain or snow around the upper Midwest may hamper things a bit. Should not be a major deal, but the walk to the polls may be a bit damp.

NORTHWEST: Seattle and Portland might be a bit wet too…however, the states of Washington and Oregon both vote by mail. Voters are able to drop off their completed ballot at designated locations or at county boards of elections, as well. That should limit the impact on the voting process.

EAST: The Nor’easter we’ve talked about for several days will take shape off the southeast coast. For most, this shouldn’t be an issue but if you live along the coast of Georgia, the Carolinas, and VA, you might see some rain especially later in the day into the early evening. Florida will see some storms, as well.

Elsewhere, things will be fine. Regardless of where you live, I am not going to tell you WHO to vote for. Just go vote. It’s a constitutional right and a civic duty. Take care everybody.



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