Monday 11/5 Update: An Extended Dry Spell

A quiet stretch of weather is back in Cincinnati on this Election Eve…all while the Northeast will continue to try to recover from Sandy and have to deal with another storm. Oh boy. Welcome to your forecast update for Monday, November 5, 2012!

TODAY: It’s going to be another dry day in the stretch. We’re going with 52.

TONIGHT: Another dry night, and also cold. Lows will be around 30.

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: Another storm heads up the east coast in the next few days. I want to make one thing perfectly clear for my East Coast readers. This is NOT on the same scale as Sandy as it isn’t going to be nearly as strong, but it’s something we know you just DO NOT need for the recovery efforts, emotionally or physically. Sandy did so much damage that this storm will be able to add insult to injury. Along the coast this will be a heavy rain/wind event…while inland you might get some more snow in the mountains of PA and West Virginia! Highs will be in the low 50’s for us here tomorrow and then in the 40’s Wednesday with lows in the 30’s, and I’ll leave us dry. Thursday we may reach the low 50’s but I think that’s it. Honestly, I’d take some action here in Cincinnati, if it meant the east coast got a break. To any readers over there, it is the hope of all of us at NKY Weather to see you recover ASAP.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Now, here’s where I’m kinda perplexed. Some of the teleconnection data suggests that we’ll be colder…but model guidance wants to send us to the 60’s. I’m not buying either extreme just yet. I’ll stick with middle or upper 50’s under dry skies.

SUNDAY: The next storm dives in. We’ll have to see what it has to work with, but it’s a potential big weather maker here. Finally, though, I think THIS could push us to the 60’s.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along with us in the aftermath of Sandy:

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A REQUEST TO OUR READERS: I am not going to mince words: The Red Cross needs a lot of help. They deal with a lot of disasters, but Sandy was a once in a lifetime event for the northeast…and the damage is extensive. They need help to get the residents of NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, and CT back on their feet. I encourage you, please go to and make a donation, or text “SANDY” to 90999 and a $10 donation will be added to your phone bill. Also, a Sunday post I wrote has information about donating to Matthew 25 Ministries if you want to send actual supplies to the coast, or starting tomorrow, volunteer to organize supplies. Let’s get the northeast back on their feet.

NEXT UPDATE: Since we’re in a quiet period, I’m not going to promise twice-daily updates for Cincinnati weather here on the blog. We’ll probably go once a day, so the next one would be early Election Day morning. Until then, take care!



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