Veterans Day 2012 Forecast: One Last Nice Day

TODAY: We remain sunny and dry today with highs near 70! Whether you have a veteran in your life or if you’re simply heading to a Veteran’s Day celebration in your area of town, this is a great day to celebrate what they’ve done for our nation. But things change for tonight…

TONIGHT/MONDAY: Here’s the deal: The next cold front is set to sweep through here tomorrow during the day. (This is faster than I’d previously forecasted.) Because of that, I’m increasing the clouds tonight, and by 1-2 AM showers start moving in. We’ll have off and on showers through the day Monday. Temperatures will start out Monday around 55…but will crash to the middle 40’s by evening.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY: Back to reality…lows in the upper 20’s and lower 30’s and highs AT BEST in the upper 40’s under sunny skies. I am pulling the mention of snowflakes, as it’s looking like the cold air doesn’t catch the moisture in time.

THURSDAY-SATURDAY: Looking dry again, and we’ll get on the backside of high pressure…temperatures should be back into the 50-53 degree range.

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A REQUEST TO OUR READERS: The Red Cross still needs a lot of help. They deal with a lot of disasters, but Sandy was a once in a lifetime event for the northeast…and the damage is extensive (and this week’s nor’easter probably hasn’t helped). They need help to get the residents of NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, and CT back on their feet. I encourage you, please go to and make a donation, or text “SANDY” to 90999 and a $10 donation will be added to your phone bill. Also, a post I wrote last Sunday has information about donating to Matthew 25 Ministries if you want to send actual supplies to the coast, or to volunteer to organize supplies. Let’s get the northeast back on their feet.

NEXT UPDATE: Our next update will be tomorrow morning around 5:00. Today, be sure to thank your local veterans. My biological dad (I use this distinction to separate him and my stepdad… I love both dearly) was in Vietnam in the 60’s and early 70’s, and I’ll be calling him up later to chit-chat and remind him that I’m proud of what he did over there. Take an opportunity to do the same, whether it’s your dad, sibling, mom, wife, whichever…and take care.



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