Thanksgiving Travel Forecast: Wet NW, Warm to Cold Midwest and E Coast

Good evening everyone! Here’s what your travel forecast looks like for the Thanksgiving holiday!

WEST: The northwest will see periods of rain all weekend long. Meanwhile, after some rain tomorrow, Thanksgiving across the mountains and down into southern CA shouldn’t be all that bad.

MIDWEST: The entire Midwest will go from warmer than normal to colder than normal, as a front crosses the region Thursday and Friday. At this time, Saturday looks fine but another system moves across Sunday bringing a chance of rain or snow.

NORTHEAST: That same front affects the northeast on Friday and clears the coast Saturday. Behind it, snow showers will be possible especially downwind of the lakes.

SOUTHEAST: As we go through the next two days, other than some showers or storms in deep southern Texas, you’ll be fine. The front then moves into the northern parts of the region Friday night into Saturday, but the air will not be nearly as cold here behind it. About the furthest extent of the 40’s is north GA, N AL, TN, parts of NC and VA. Florida stays nice and warm throughout, with highs in the 70’s. Much of the region will be in the 50’s or 60’s.

Okay, there you go! I will be putting a quick blurb into each day’s forecast update through Sunday to tell you what you can expect nationally. I’m back tomorrow morning with that and the usual Cincinnati update. Till then, take care!



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