Tuesday 11/20 Morning Forecast: Even Warmer Than Yesterday!

The warmup continues…we’re expecting a few more nice days! Welcome to your update for this Tuesday morning, November 20…

TODAY: A quick little disturbance will swing past, but it looks dry to me. The NWS in Wilmington has a few sprinkles around…but I frankly think the chance is so low, I can’t justify including rain in the forecast. An increase in clouds ought to be the extent of it. Highs will reach 60, with lows tonight around 40.

WEDNESDAY: It will be a decent day, again by mid-November standards, with highs around 62.

THANKSGIVING: I know many of you probably have plans to be out and about. I’ll give you a national forecast this evening for Thanksgiving travel — for now expect highs near 60 here in Cincinnati. Lows will be near 40. So, Thanksgiving looks good!

BLACK FRIDAY: Another, stronger front is being shown. I think this one will bring a better chance of rain than the disturbance today. Highs will be in the middle 50’s, and that’s likely a midday high…temperatures then crash into the 40’s by sunset. If you’re going to the early morning sales (pre-dawn) I think you’re fine…it’s as we approach mid-morning that things likely turn nasty.

SATURDAY THROUGH MONDAY: The aforementioned front brings another shot of colder air. Highs will be around 42 on Saturday and maybe 44 on Sunday with lows in the lower 30’s Saturday morning (if we’re lucky) and middle 20’s Sunday and likely Monday mornings. The GFS tried to go even colder for Saturday, which I cannot totally buy yet. Monday I think we recover to the upper 40’s.

BEYOND MONDAY: The long range models looked very interesting early next week, hinting at colder weather than we’ll even see this weekend and (MAYBE) a snow chance? More on that as we close in on it…but for what it’s worth, if you take the latest GFS at face value…oh boy.

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NEXT UPDATES: We mentioned this on Facebook, but here’s the plan: This evening we’ll be posting a national travel forecast. Wednesday through Friday will (likely) consist of one update each day with a national forecast included. I cannot rule out a possibility of other updates as well, and I am not sure about Saturday and Sunday just yet but will let you know. Until this evening, take care!



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