Wednesday 11/21 Forecast: Mild Travel Day!

As the holiday approaches, we continue to look at nice weather! Welcome to your forecast for this Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 21, 2012!

TODAY: It will be quite a nice day for any travel around our area today, with highs around 62.

NATIONWIDE TODAY: For most of the country, we’re dry and quite nice on this, the busiest travel day of the year. The exceptions will be in the northwest, where lower elevation rain and mountain snow will be an issue, and in parts of Texas and maybe eastern New Mexico, which will see some late day thunderstorms.

THANKSGIVING: I know many of you probably have plans to be out and about. Expect highs near 60 here in Cincinnati. Lows will be near 40. So, Thanksgiving looks good!

BLACK FRIDAY: Another, stronger front is being shown. I think this one will bring a better chance of rain than the disturbance today. Highs will be in the middle 50’s, and that’s likely a midday high…temperatures then crash into the 40’s by sunset. If you’re going to the early morning sales (pre-dawn) I think you’re fine…it’s as we approach mid-morning that things likely turn nasty.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: The aforementioned front brings another shot of colder air. Highs will be around 38 on Saturday and maybe 43 on Sunday with lows in the lower 30’s Saturday morning (if we’re lucky, likely mid 20’s) and middle 20’s Sunday morning. The GFS tried to go even colder for Saturday, which I cannot totally buy yet.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: As we get back to work early next week, another storm will move in. Currently, it appears to be a rain event, but this can change between now and then. Stay tuned. Highs will be in the 40’s on Monday with lows in the middle 30’s on Monday night. Tuesday we may struggle to reach 40.

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NEXT UPDATE: Our next update to the blog will be on Thanksgiving morning. We’ll be updating social media for most of the evening with live traffic updates. Until then, take care!



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