Black Friday 11/23 Forecast: Rain and Temperatures Falling

TODAY: A strong cold front is moving in this morning. I think this one will bring a better chance of rain than Tuesday’s did. Highs will be…well, where we are this morning, in the middle or upper 50’s, but temperatures then plummet this afternoon to the lower 40’s, and maybe upper 30’s in our Indiana counties! If you’re at or heading to the early morning sales (pre-dawn) you need the umbrella. Any showers are out of here by noon.

NATIONWIDE TODAY: This front isn’t just affecting Cincinnati. By midday it will stretch from New York State, back into Kentucky and then down into Texas. Rain will be a good bet along and ahead of that front all day, with thunderstorms on the southern extent. Behind it, temperatures will be 20-30 degrees colder than yesterday. Along the immediate coast, you’re fine for today with nice weather. The Pacific Northwest will see the next storm moving in today, and the southwest will remain dry with nice weather from Phoenix to Las Vegas to L.A..

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: The aforementioned front will cause a marked drop in highs. Say goodbye to the 60’s, and even the 50’s! Highs will be around 38 on Saturday and maybe 43 on Sunday with lows in the lower 30’s Saturday morning (if we’re lucky, likely mid 20’s) and middle 20’s Sunday morning. The GFS tried to go even colder for Saturday, which I cannot totally buy yet.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: As we get back to work early next week, another storm will move in. Currently, it appears to be a rain event with a brief change to snow on Tuesday night before ending. Stay tuned. Highs will be in the 40’s on Monday with lows in the middle 30’s on Monday night. Tuesday we struggle to reach 40.

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NEXT UPDATE: My sister is giving birth this afternoon and I’m making an attempt to spend time with my significant other (my girlfriend), so I have NO idea when the updates will be this weekend, except to say that there will be one here each day. Tomorrow’s, for example, may be delayed until noon. But there will be an update tomorrow. Until then, take care!



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