Sunday 12/2 Forecast: Turning Wet

TODAY: Expect rain showers to develop later this morning, lasting through the rest of the day. Do not be surprised if you hear some thunderclaps. Highs will be in the low or middle 60’s with lows in the lower 50’s tonight.

MONDAY: We’ll clear things back out as we catch a break in the weather. Highs will be back into the middle 60’s.

TUESDAY: Looking at Tuesday, our next storm drops down and brings another shot of rain. Highs will cool down back into the upper 50’s.

WEDNESDAY: Earlier we were expecting that the bottom would drop out of things. Now, that’s not looking like it will happen. However, we will be looking at 45 for a high. It also looks drier.

THURSDAY: We’ll be back in the 50’s under partly cloudy skies.

FRIDAY: Another system now looks like it swings through with some rain and cools us back into the 40’s.

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NEXT UPDATE: The next update will be tomorrow morning. Until then, take care!



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