Wednesday Evening 12/5 Late Discussion: Cold Tonight, Still Chilly Tomorrow

Good evening everybody! It’s been a chilly day across our area, and a cold night is on the way! Here’s a late look at your forecast for Wednesday night, December 5, 2012!

TONIGHT: Expect clear skies. With good radiational cooling, the current guidance numbers look good — so I think we fall to the upper 20’s for most with a few spots as low as 24!

THURSDAY: We’ll be back in the low 50’s under partly cloudy skies…I will go 51.

THURSDAY NIGHT-MONDAY: This entire period will have a chance at rain as waves of low pressure ride up a front that will move in, and then stall nearby. Saturday in particular looks like a total washout with even some thunderstorms late day (how’s THAT to get into the Christmas mood?), but rain is likely throughout. However…it also won’t be quite as chilly. Highs will slowly rise from lower 50’s on Friday to near 60 by the time we reach Sunday and Monday. Lows will end up in the 40’s to low 50’s. We talked about the Monday wave yesterday. It’s not nearly as impressive as it looked yesterday. We still need to watch it.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY: The middle part of next week looks chilly with highs 40-45 and lows in the upper 20’s. And the roller coaster, at least for now, continues…

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NEXT UPDATE: The next update will be tomorrow morning. Until then, take care!



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