Friday 12/7 Morning Forecast: Wet, Wet, Wet!

The soggy period is beginning…and that isn’t entirely good or bad. Welcome to your morning forecast for Friday, December 7, 2012!

TODAY-TONIGHT: Rain will be really widespread as we go into the next 24 hours. Highs will be in the lower 50’s and lows will be between 45 and 50.

SATURDAY-SATURDAY NIGHT: Rain will continue in a widespread fashion for a good part of Saturday. There are indications that there may be a break as the front drops south a bit, but I’m not willing to take rain out of the forecast Saturday afternoon or night. Highs will be around 57 with lows near 50.

SUNDAY: Sunday will be quite soggy. IF we get that break Saturday afternoon, it will not last through the Bengals game. Take the raingear to the stadium. Highs should be around 60. Through all of this, I can say, we need rain, but we don’t like it on a weekend.

SUNDAY NIGHT/MONDAY: We will see rain and thunderstorms Sunday night. Monday, we will go BACKWARDS in temperatures…starting out near 52 in the early morning but falling through the day. We talked about the Monday wave the last couple days. We still need to watch it, but as it stands, severe weather is unlikely. What is likely is with that temperature drop through the day, we may see the rain end as a few flakes of snow Monday night as temperatures crash into the 20’s.

TUESDAY-NEXT THURSDAY: The middle part of next week looks chilly with highs 40-45 and lows in the middle to upper 20’s. And the roller coaster, at least for now, continues…

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NEXT UPDATE: The next update will be tonight by 7:00. Until then, take care and stay dry!



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