Friday 12/21 Forecast: Another Windy Day

WIND ADVISORY in effect until 4 PM this afternoon areawide.
WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for Fayette, Franklin and Union Counties in Indiana and Butler, Warren and Clinton Counties in Ohio until 10 PM tonight.

TODAY: Highs AT BEST look to end up in the LOWER 30’s (I’m playing conservative and going with 33), and we could still have some snow showers around, particularly north and west of the city. Snowfall accumulations by the time everything ends this evening will range from 2-3 inches near I-70, then tapering down to an inch or less south of town. Winds will still gust as high as 50 mph.

TONIGHT: I will officially go with 18 in Cincinnati. A lot of that will be pending what happens with the snows to our north. A couple flurries will be around, otherwise expect clearing and cold conditions. Winds will FINALLY start to back off as we go through the night. What a way to kick off true winter!

SATURDAY: Everything is finally scooting off to the east, and we will have a dry day. It will, however, still be cold. Highs tomorrow will only be around 36.

SUNDAY: As you wrap the last gifts, most of us will stay around 40 degrees after lows in the lower 20’s. (I’m not willing to go with the mid 40’s that Wilmington has forecast.)

CHRISTMAS EVE: A quick disturbance rolls in, and could bring a rain snow mix for your Christmas Eve day. Highs will once again be near 40. I do think it could switch to snow on Christmas Eve night with lows near 30.

CHRISTMAS DAY: The holiday itself looks good and dry. While I’m not sure about a White Christmas, I do think it’ll be a sunny one with highs near 43.

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY: Oh boy. Stay tuned…right now, this looks like it could be a SIGNIFICANT snowstorm. And this time, it’d probably all stick to roads. Highs will be in the lower 30’s with lows in the middle 20’s.

TODAY’S TRAVEL FORECAST: If you’re heading out of town, here’s what to expect. The northeast will be dealing with the same storm as we are, with rain along the coast and snow inland. The Great Lakes will have some lake effect snows to deal with. South Florida may also see some rain and storms. The western US will see mountain snows and valley rains with our next storm. The remainder of the US should be dry.

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NEXT UPDATE: The next update will be this evening on the blog, but there will be social media updates as needed (once your friendly weather geek wakes up again in a little bit). Until then, take care!



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