Christmas Eve 2012 Forecast: Rain Today, A Mess Wednesday!

TODAY: Some rain showers will be around through much of the day. Highs today may reach the low 40’s.

TONIGHT: As Santa makes his way through the Cincinnati area, he’ll encounter drying conditions and lows around 29 degrees.

CHRISTMAS DAY: The holiday itself looks good and dry. While it WON’T be a White Christmas (unfortunately), I do think it’ll be a sunny one with highs near 43.

TUESDAY NIGHT THROUGH THURSDAY: Confidence is increasing that a significant storm will impact the area. What type of precipitation will depend on the track of the low pressure system. I am throwing out last night’s 0z NAM model as I believe it is too far northwest. Other models (including the Euro, which has been quite consistent) are clustered to the southeast of the metro, and I do like those solutions better. So, I expect we’ll see a mixture of all kinds of precipitation in the metro. South and east it could be plain rain, while north and west it could be more snow, and possibly significant snow. That will change to all snow everywhere by Wednesday night as colder air moves in and that will taper off Thursday morning. STAY TUNED — we’ll know more in the next 18 hours as to the track, as the storm gets further onshore and the upper air data is sampled. Highs will be in the lower or middle 30’s with lows in the middle 20’s.

FRIDAY: I expect dry weather on Friday, with colder temperatures. I think we’ll be in the lower 30’s.

SATURDAY: Another storm moves in, and this one could be all snow. Stay tuned. Highs will be near 35.

SUNDAY: As we close in on the final days of 2012, I expect dry weather again. If we get some snow cover on Saturday, we may keep highs in the upper 20’s for the Bengals regular season finale! Brrrrr!

TODAY’S TRAVEL FORECAST: Our storm today will spread light precipitation into the northeast. The next storm will organize to our southwest today in Texas, with rain and storms. The west is basically a broken record with the NEXT storm moving in and bringing more mountain snow and valley rains. If you are going to Florida (as I know my fiancee’s mom and dad are), today should be dry.

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NEXT UPDATE: I do want to thank Corey Ecton for being willing to step in yesterday so that I could take time to be with my fiancée and her family. I enjoyed the day, ate too much (already) and watched the Bengals beat the Steelers. My next post will be this evening, and Corey might chime in on Facebook, as well. Until then, take care!



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