Wednesday Evening 12/26 Forecast: Drying and Chilling!

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for everyone except Adams County in Ohio until 7:00 PM this evening…

TONIGHT: All of the precipitation will move out this evening. Folks east of town will change over last and end up with very little snow. I may have busted on the snow amounts. Winds may gust to 30 mph, so watch out for blowing and drifting snow in areas that saw accumulations. Lows tonight should fall into the lower 20’s.

THURSDAY: We will be dry, but cold. Numerical guidance suggests 31 for a high, and I think that should be about right, especially with snow cover.

FRIDAY: I expect dry weather on Friday, with colder temperatures. I think we’ll be in the lower 30’s.

SATURDAY: Another storm moves in, and this one should be all snow. Stay tuned. Highs will be near 35.

SUNDAY: As we close in on the final days of 2012, I expect dry weather again. If we get some snow cover on Saturday, we may keep highs in the upper 20’s for the Bengals regular season finale! Brrrrr!

MONDAY: A dry day, but indications are that another quick shot of snow will be around as we ring in 2013. Highs will be around 32, with lows in the upper teens.

NEW YEAR’S DAY: Expect partly cloudy skies with highs AT BEST around 27!

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NEXT UPDATE: I apologize for not having a morning blog post…tracking until 3:30 AM and then falling asleep will do that. 😉 I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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