A Primer on Snow Emergencies: What Are They and How Do They Affect Me?

A SNOW EMERGENCY was declared by Kenton County at 4 PM this afternoon. You might be asking what this means for you.

In many counties, there is a three tier system for snow emergencies. These tiers are usually as follows:

Level One: Motorists are advised to use caution due to hazardous road conditions resulting from accumulations of snow and/or ice.

Level Two: Road conditions are extremely hazardous due to snow and/or ice and essential travel only is advised.

Level Three: Road conditions are extremely dangerous and travel is restricted to the following purposes: Public safety and emergency personnel travel; Travel to and from work if required by your employer; Travel for medical purposes or to obtain necessary provisions. Travel for any other purposes is considered to be nonessential and violations will be enforced by law enforcement personnel.

(Wording can be different from county to county, the above is from Boone County, KY.)

Also, if a Snow Emergency is declared by the county AND at least two inches of snow is predicted, on-street parking is usually PROHIBITED.

In cities, Snow Emergencies can also be declared. In these cases, on-street parking is PROHIBITED and cars must be moved off streets or you risk being towed. Some communities do designate specific routes as snow emergency routes, in which cases only those streets are affected. Others do not, and in those cases the policy applies to ALL streets.

Please be sure to follow the directions of your local emergency authorities. Doing so will save you a lot of problems.


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