Saturday 12/29 PM Forecast: Cold!!!

TONIGHT: I do expect some clearing overnight. Lows will be frigid cold. I am going 17 degrees night but it frankly wouldn’t surprise me to see 12 or 13 degrees here or there.

SUNDAY: As we close in on the final days of 2012, I expect dry weather again. We will keep highs down to 27 degrees AT BEST for the sold-out Bengals regular season finale! Brrrrr! I will watch the trends to see if this needs to be bumped downward.

MONDAY INTO NEW YEAR’S DAY: I had Monday dry, but now indications are that another quick shot of some snow will be around as we ring in 2013 Monday into early Tuesday. Early guidance (emphasis on that word, it’s not a cut-and-dry forecast) paints a couple inches of snow for most of us, but I’m not going to forecast that yet. I’ll endeavor to put out a first call on Sunday morning. Highs will be around 32 Monday and 28 on Tuesday, with lows in the upper teens to lower 20’s.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: I think we stay in the freezer. Lows will be in the upper teens and highs at best in the upper 20’s once again. Wednesday should be dry, but Thursday I do need to put a slight chance of snow in. Winter is definitely here.

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NEXT UPDATE: As a heads up, tomorrow I will be at the aforementioned Bengals regular season finale with my mom (who’s taking me to THIS game in return for me taking HER to the opener), so I don’t know about updates other than the afternoon yet. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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