Sunday 12/30 AM Forecast: Another Round of Snow!

We’re closing out 2012 with quite a bit of snow! What should you expect into 2013? Here is your morning update for Sunday, December 30!

TODAY: As we close in on the final days of 2012, I expect dry weather again. We will keep highs down to 27 degrees AT BEST for the sold-out Bengals regular season finale! Brrrrr! If we cloud up this afternoon, expect a high closer to 24. Either way, a great atmosphere for football heading into the NFL Playoffs!

MONDAY INTO NEW YEAR’S DAY: The next snow affects our region, and yes I said snow. There will be no doubt about this one — it will accumulate on top of what’s already on the ground, and temperatures will support it throughout. My early thoughts are that the area will see another 2-4″ of snow by the time it winds down Tuesday afternoon. I am not going conservative, as the last storm overachieved and I can’t help but to think this one will do the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if amounts turn out to be higher than even that 2-4″. I also question what ILN is doing with highs in the middle 30’s tomorrow, given a) snow cover and b) clouds overspreading the area for sure by mid-morning. I will roll with a high only near 32 both Monday and Tuesday with lows in the lower 20’s tonight and then around 30 tomorrow night.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: I think we stay in the freezer. Lows will be in the teens and highs at best in the upper 20’s once again. Wednesday should be dry, but Thursday I do need to put a slight chance of snow in. Winter is definitely here.

FRIDAY: A cold day for sure but I think we’re partly cloudy and dry. Highs will be in the middle 20’s.

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NEXT UPDATE: I’m heading to Bengals/Ravens today, but will do an update after returning from the game. Until then, take care! (Oh, and for my Bengals fans: WHO-DEY!)

Jeremy Moses


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