Monday New Year’s Eve 2012 Morning Forecast: A Little More Snow

TODAY INTO NEW YEAR’S DAY: The next snow affects our region, and yes I said snow. There should be no doubt about this one — it will accumulate on top of what’s already on the ground, and temperatures should support it throughout. The problem is, there’s less moisture being shown. I went with 2-4″ yesterday, and that’s definitely looking too high based on the guidance. We’ll adjust to 1-2″ with the better amounts north of the I-275 loop. HOWEVER…I could end up with a forecast that was right before this change, and for what it’s worth the NWS in Indianapolis is hoisting Winter Weather Advisories for 2-4″ of snow — so, I can’t fully rule out upping those amounts again. I still question what the NWS in Wilmington is doing with highs in the middle 30’s today, given a) snow cover still on the ground and b) clouds overspreading the area for sure by mid-morning. I will roll with a high only near 34 today with lows around 30 tonight as a compromise between what I thought would be closer to 30 for a high today, and the 36 or 37 I see in the numerical guidance that I still disagree with, based on the above. Expect temperatures to not move far tomorrow, with a high up around freezing being all we manage to do for the first day of 2013.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: I think we stay in the freezer. Lows will be in the teens (and probably LOWER teens at that) and highs at best in the upper 20’s to lower 30’s once again. Wednesday should be totally dry, but Thursday I do need to leave a slight chance of snow in for the northern counties of the Cincinnati area. If things continue trending as they have been, I might remove that with the evening update.

FRIDAY AND THE WEEKEND: Cold continues to be the word that describes this period. Lows will be near 12 and 14 on Friday and Saturday mornings and then I have us around 16 Sunday morning, with highs still in the upper 20’s to lower 30’s! If you live north of town or in any area that tends to get colder, I can’t rule out a single digit reading Wednesday through Saturday mornings! Talk about a deep freeze!

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NEXT UPDATE: I’m going to be back with an afternoon update but it will hinge on my evening plans. If you’re heading out tonight, please be smart and safe — don’t drink and drive and buckle up! Take care.

Jeremy Moses


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