New Year’s Day 2013 Forecast: Hey, The Deep Freeze is On!

TODAY: We could still have light snow or maybe some freezing drizzle around this morning. At this point, any accumulations will be under 1″. Otherwise, we will be cloudy all day. Expect temperatures near 34 for the first day of 2013.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: We stay in the freezer. Lows will be in the teens (and probably LOWER teens at that) and highs at best in the upper 20’s to lower 30’s once again. Both days will be dry, as it doesn’t look like anything will affect our area for now.

FRIDAY AND THE WEEKEND: Cold continues to be the word that describes this period. Lows will be near 12 and 15 on Friday and Saturday mornings and then I have us around 20 Sunday morning, with highs still in the upper 20’s to the mid 30’s! If you live north of town or in any area that tends to get colder, I can’t rule out a single digit reading Wednesday through Saturday mornings! Talk about a deep freeze!

MONDAY: While the guidance suggests a recovery to the upper 30’s, I can’t go with that just yet. For now, I’ll leave us in the middle 30’s with sunny skies.

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NEXT UPDATE: Your next update will be later today, either here on the blog or (if there’s no need for major changes) on Facebook. Thank you for your support last year! Until this evening, take care, stay warm, and Happy New Year!

Jeremy Moses


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