Sunday 1/6 Forecast: A Little Light Snow, Then a Warmup!

While our Bengals may have lost (which did not make yours truly a happy weathergeek), I do have a bit of good news on the weather front with a warmup still coming! Here’s your forecast update for Sunday, January 6, 2013…

TODAY: Highs will be in the lower to middle 30’s today with a low in the lower 20’s tonight. A chance of light snow will be around today. Do not expect significant accumulations with this — maybe a quick dusting at most.

MONDAY: Skies will clear out for Monday and I expect highs around 40 with lows Monday night down to 23.

TUESDAY: Second verse, same as the first. Partly cloudy skies and a high around 42.

WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: We continue to warm up with highs in the middle 40’s and lows in the 20’s. Another chance of rain looks to occur getting into Thursday, and the latest guidance still suggests some pretty soaking rains. Looks pretty much like a January Thaw to me!

FRIDAY INTO EARLY NEXT WEEK: It looks like we’re drying out on Friday with highs STILL in the 40’s, and we may even crack 50 on Saturday! The longer range models have been fairly consistent the last couple days with showing a sharp change back to colder weather into the second half of the month, and if it’s going to happen, next weekend or early the week of the 14th looks to be when the big flip would occur.

A LONG RANGE CAVEAT/DISCLAIMER: I will caution that the occurrences in the above paragraph, save Friday and Saturday, are AT LEAST 8 or 9 days away — as such, the thinking can and most likely will change. You simply can’t rely on the models that far out and those of us in the meteorology community call this “fantasy range” for a reason. It’s like throwing darts at a dartboard because you can’t reasonably call something definitive. I just mentioned it to let you know I’ve got an eye on something happening out there in the longer range.

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NEXT UPDATE: Your next update will be tomorrow morning by 8:00. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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