Tuesday 1/15 Morning Forecast: A Quick Wintry Storm Tonight

TODAY: Some significant change to today’s forecast. I was watching a storm that will pass south of us, but which I believed would be far enough south to not mention it. Now, it’s looking like there WILL be some effects for our area.

As we go through the day I expect clouds to hold tough with highs close to freezing. Then, as we get into tonight, locations near and southeast of I-71 will see a mixture of sleet, snow, freezing rain and maybe some plain old rain. If you’re northwest of that, you’ll be fine. By the time all precipitation ends, light accumulations of a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain will be possible (less than 1″).

However, a caveat: IF this storm comes a bit north and/or has some more moisture, we may see more significant issues tonight. Please be prepared for this and adjust your travel plans if need be, ESPECIALLY if heading south and east. Lows tonight will be in the upper 20’s.

WEDNESDAY: Our weather remains chilly with highs to only 37 and lows near 28. Skies will remain partly cloudy.

THURSDAY TO NEXT SATURDAY: At this point, we look dry and still kinda chilly with highs between 40-45 and lows in the upper 20’s. NWS Wilmington has us in the upper 40’s Saturday — but I am still going to play conservatively for now, and adjust if need be. The low sun angle may not allow us to get that warm — but if we stay sunny or partly cloudy, we might just reach those numbers. For now, I still hesitate to put anything higher than around 45 into the forecast.

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NEXT UPDATE: I’ll bring you the latest later today. Until then, have a great Tuesday!

Jeremy Moses


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