Tuesday Evening 1/15 Winter Weather Update: Icy Night Ahead!

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for all of NKY and for Adams, Brown, Clermont, and Highland counties in Ohio 7 PM tonight to 9 AM Wednesday morning.

TONIGHT: As we go into the night, it’ll be a tale of two zones. If you’re north and west of the metro, you won’t see as many icing problems, and if you’re far enough NW (Fayette, Union, Franklin counties in Indiana), you may escape the mess entirely! Elsewhere, precipitation will be a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain with more icy precipitation the further southeast you go. Total accumulations of snow and sleet should be under 1″…and ice accretion of up to a tenth of an inch is possible, ESPECIALLY in areas that see temperature profiles supporting freezing rain.

However, a caveat: IF the temperature or moisture profiles change and/or the precipitation shield moves further north, more significant issues may result. Please be prepared for this and adjust your travel plans. Lows tonight will be in the upper 20’s.

WEDNESDAY: Our weather remains chilly with highs to only 37 and lows near 28. Skies will slowly clear through the day, but not before we end the storm with a little more wintry mix for the morning commute. It will be dicey!

THURSDAY TO NEXT SATURDAY: At this point, we look dry and still kinda chilly with highs between 40-45 and lows in the upper 20’s. NWS Wilmington has us in the upper 40’s Saturday — but I am still going to play conservatively for now, and adjust if need be. The low sun angle may not allow us to get that warm — but if we stay sunny or partly cloudy, we might just reach those numbers. For now, I still hesitate to put anything higher than around 45 into the forecast.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow along with us for weather and urgent traffic updates:

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NEXT UPDATE: Someone will be online to monitor throughout the night. Please report anything you believe noteworthy to us! Have a great Tuesday night and BE SAFE!

Jeremy Moses


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