Thursday 1/17 Forecast Update: Socked In By Clouds?

TODAY-FRIDAY: Here’s the deal: The last couple days, low clouds have burned a bunch of forecasts (including mine Tuesday). I think that trend is likely to continue today. So, we’ll stick with highs in the low to middle 30’s (I’ll go 35 but no higher). Tonight, though, I do think we FINALLY clear the clouds out. Look for a drop to 23. Friday looks decent with a high of 40 under partly cloudy skies, and then lows on Friday night fall to around 29.

SATURDAY: I’m still somewhat pessimistic about highs in the upper 40’s…but the trend has stayed with sunny skies and kept those numbers, so we’ll roll with them and I’ll go 48. Lows Saturday night fall to 28.

SUNDAY: Models do show a sharp cooldown on Sunday, but the front bringing it stays largely dry. I will roll with a high of 33 and a low Sunday night close to 20.

MONDAY: I’m still thinking we may have a few snow showers around Monday. Highs will barely make 28. Lows on Monday night might fall into the SINGLE DIGITS. Ouch!

TUESDAY: If Monday was an “ouch”, Tuesday is even more so. How about a high of just 18 under partly cloudy skies? Any kind of significant wind would send wind chills into the single digits, maybe even below zero in the morning. Ouch again!

WEDNESDAY: Not a lot better. Look for highs in the middle 20’s after beginning around 10 again. Once more, wind chills in the morning could be below zero pending the wind.

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NEXT UPDATE: The next post to the blog will be in the morning, with a social media forecast update late day. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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