Sunday 1/20 Forecast: Another Huge Temperature Fall!

TODAY: A cold front is rolling through this morning, but it’s dry. However, this front is carrying gusty winds — we will see gusts as high as 45 miles per hour this morning. Guidance suggests that the temperatures will take a nosedive all day from the lower 40’s this morning, crashing down to a low tonight around 18.

MONDAY: I’m still thinking we may have a few snow showers around tomorrow. Highs will barely make 25. Lows on Monday night, I believe, fall into the single digits ABOVE zero and wind chills go BELOW zero. Ouch!!!

TUESDAY: If Monday was an “ouch”, Tuesday is even more so. How about a high of just 17 under sunny skies? That’s looking like our reality… 😦 Wind chills will be below zero, especially in the morning. Ouch again!

WEDNESDAY: Not a lot better. Look for highs in the middle 20’s after beginning around 10 again. Once more, wind chills in the morning could be below zero pending the wind — this would especially be true north of the I-275 loop.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: I told you yesterday that I didn’t buy into the guidance that had us near 40, and the latest trends bear this out, going colder. I will go with 33, as what looks like an upper wave should cross the area, bringing warmer air and a chance of rain. That changes over to snow on Thursday night and Friday, with a low back around 26 and a high on Friday around freezing. Yes, this is a nudge downward from my forecast yesterday…I still think it’s got some room to fall.

SATURDAY: We clear things out — but we also turn cold again! The latest guidance is suggesting 25 may be all we do — and if we have snow on the ground, I can definitely buy that. Right now, I will go 30 though — hedging my bets on snow cover that may not be there doesn’t seem like a good call to me.

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NEXT UPDATE: The next post to the blog will be in the morning. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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