Monday 1/28 Forecast: The Rain and Warmup Continue!

TODAY: Rain continues through the day today. I am going with 50 as the warm air continues moving northward. Tonight’s lows end up around 40.

TUESDAY: Yes, the warm air will continue to move northward. The problem is, we will still have rain falling at times, and the clouds will hold tough. For these reasons, I can’t buy into middle 60’s just yet, so I’m sticking closer to 60 (and that could still be too high — watch the radar and satellite trends). Tuesday night’s lows should end up around 48.

WEDNESDAY: Rain will dominate the day, and a high of 55. A cold front comes through during the day — and that should send temperatures tumbling Wednesday night down to 24. Any leftover rain could end as a few snow showers late Wednesday night.

THURSDAY: I expect dry and partly cloudy conditions for the day, and a high near freezing. Thursday night a quick little system will bring us a little light snow, otherwise I think lows will be in the teens.

FRIDAY: Expect dry weather again and a high into the middle 20’s. Yes, back in the freezer.

SATURDAY: A quick little system again, so a few snowflakes are back in the forecast. Look for highs around freezing, with lows near 20 both Saturday morning and night.

SUNDAY: Temperatures will be much the same as Saturday (that is, close to freezing — I’m going 33), but with partly cloudy skies.

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NEXT UPDATE: The next blog post will be tonight at 6 or so. Until then, take care!

Jeremy Moses


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