Tuesday 2/5 Forecast: Typical February Day

TODAY: The latest guidance keeps the next clipper far enough north to not present an issue. So, we’re going to leave today and tonight dry. We will have highs around 35 with a low around 22 Tuesday night. I hesitate to go higher than that, again due to snow cover. That becomes less of a problem on Wednesday and going forward.

WEDNESDAY: I’m going to slowly raise temperatures the rest of this week, starting with highs in the middle 30’s on Wednesday. I will leave us partly cloudy for Wednesday.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY: For Thursday expect lows near 23 and highs around 38. Friday lows will be in the middle 20’s and highs finally reach the lower 40’s. As for sky conditions, most of Thursday we are okay. Thursday night, models have another system moving in and it should be rain maybe mixing with snow. That gets out of here Friday and I think we’ll be clearing out by the end of the day.

SATURDAY: Expect dry, partly cloudy conditions, and I do think highs crack 45 after beginning around 27.

SUNDAY/MONDAY: This is when the next system rolls in, and it currently looks somewhat rainy. I have a high around 50 with lows around 35. Yes, I’m upping the highs.

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NEXT UPDATE: Your next blog update will be tonight or tomorrow morning. Until then, have a great Tuesday and take care!

Jeremy Moses


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