Wednesday 2/20 Forecast: Tracking the Ice Threat

TODAY: Expect mostly cloudy skies and highs near 30 today with lows in the lower 20’s tonight. I can’t rule out a few snow showers until around noon.

THURSDAY-FRIDAY: We’ll be dry most of the day Thursday, but see increasing clouds with another system coming in…it’s looking like right now we could see some ice problems Thursday night, then change over to rain Friday morning. Stay tuned as we try to nail this down. Highs will be around 36 Thursday with lows within a couple degrees of freezing. Then Friday I think we make it closer to 40.

THIS WEEKEND: For right now, we look partly cloudy with lows in the 20’s to lower 30’s and highs in the middle to upper 40’s.

MONDAY: Looks like a bit of a rain chance Monday and Tuesday with highs around 53 on Monday, dropping to 38 Tuesday morning and then making it back to around 45 Tuesday.

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NEXT UPDATE: Your next blog update will be tonight as we track the wintry threat. Until then, make it a great Wednesday and take care!

Jeremy Moses


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