Monday 2/25 Evening Forecast Update: Throwing In a Slight Wintry Chance

TONIGHT-THURSDAY: Precipitation begins late tonight (see below for more detailed discussion), and it will be a rainy Tuesday with lows around 34 in the morning. We then make it back to around 43 Tuesday afternoon. The rain changes over to a chance of snow showers Wednesday which sticks around through Thursday, with lows in the upper 20’s and highs in the middle to upper 30’s both Wednesday and Thursday.

A RATHER WINTRY CAVEAT: Now…here’s where the headline comes in. We’ve already got the wintry precipitation chances on Wednesday. The problem is, the last two runs of the GFS, particularly some of the BUFKIT data (I’ll try to get into that discussion at a later time, but basically it’s a visualization of the data that the model spits out for a specific location) tried to produce some freezing rain as far south as the metro area. While I can’t see how this occurs given that the atmosphere looks too warm on the graphical representations, and no other model is even throwing the chance in this far south…I also can’t rule out beginning as some wintry precipitation thanks in large part to something called evaporative cooling (you may remember it’s bit me on the tail end before). I would rather err on the side of caution and put the chance in than leave it out and risk having you unprepared. Consequently, I will put in a slight chance of wintry mixed precipitation late tonight and early tomorrow morning as far south as the city of Cincinnati, before about 8 AM — at which point it should all change over to rain. The higher potential for this is north of Cincinnati though, and really as you push north of I-70. I want to err on the side of extreme caution however.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: The earlier suggestion that we would dry things out is still in play, but I can’t rule out some snow showers for the first half of the weekend. Highs will be around 35 all three days with morning lows of 29 Friday, 21 on Saturday and 24 on Sunday. This will all depend on if we can get some snow cover down — if we do, these numbers could need adjustment.

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NEXT UPDATE: Your next blog update will be tonight. Until then, make it a great Monday and take care!

Jeremy Moses


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