About NorthernKYWeather.com

NorthernKYWeather is the newest home for weather information in Cincinnati and NKY. Initially, Jeremy Moses created NKY Weather as a social media tool for getting information out to the public. Now, we bring you the same information in website form! Our coverage area includes Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Lewis, Mason, Owen, Pendleton and Robertson Counties in NKY; Dearborn, Fayette, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland and Union Counties in southeastern Indiana; and Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren counties in Southwestern Ohio. We occasionally cover other places, as well, especially via our social media pages which are accessible via either clicking links in daily discussions or via their respective widgets on the sides.

Jeremy Picture

About Jeremy Moses (seen above): I was born in Hamilton, Ohio in August 1985. I have had Spina Bifida my entire life. It has left me paralyzed from my waist downward, and has had a marked effect on other sectors of my life, including surgeries that at times have altered my path in life (I was doing general studies at NKU until a 2006 run-in with sepsis nearly killed me – and I’m still paying back student loans because I didn’t make it back to school, the income I have is disability income). The above picture was taken in 2008, but believe me – I’ve not changed a lot since!

One thing Spina Bifida could not do, was keep me from becoming interested in weather and its processes. From the age of 7, I remember being very much into why we had snow, why the thunder scared me (I never did like loud noises), and why there were these loud sirens that blared every time the sky got really weird looking. Thus began my pursuit of understanding. From the 1999 Blue Ash F4 tornado that killed four people, to snowstorms in 1998, 2004, the straight-up blizzard in 2008 that I watched rage outside my window for two days, and the 2010 snowstorm that almost had me stranded in Dayton, Ohio overnight, to the Ike windstorm in 2008 that blew me and my wheelchair around Florence streets, to the tornado outbreak this year (2012) that I will never get out of my mind, I’ve seen everything the Ohio Valley has to throw at a meteorologist, and hopefully I have come to understand it better.

Through NorthernKYWeather.com and its associated Facebook and Twitter pages, I hope to help prepare you and your family for your daily life here in NKY, by having you ready – before severe weather hits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email at jmoses@northernkyweather.com. Thanks for visiting!


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