What We Like and Use

Here is a list of all of the tools, websites, etc. that we use here at NKY Weather.

WeatherGeek Pro: This application, available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, allows access to much of the model data to be found here on the internet, from wherever we are. Because of this plus their excellent customer service, we fully endorse use of this application for anyone that is as much of a weather geek as we are here!

Gibson Ridge Software: Applications that provide desktop radar data for the entire United States, including Dual-Polarization technology (where that is available). Four applications available: GRLevel2 Analyst Edition, GRLevel3, GREarth and GRLevel2. These are paid apps, and expensive ones, but well worth the price for weather geeks.

Base Velocity, LLC’s RadarScope: A radar app designed for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and also available for Mac OS desktops. Has Dual-Polarization data (where it is available). $10 for each system. (SAFETY NOTICE: The data provided should NOT be used either a) while driving or b) for critical, life-saving decisions during severe weather. Please rely on the NWS’s official products and local media for the latter purpose.)

AllisonHouse: Popular Data provider. Usable with most radar applications, including the above.

National Weather Service: Needless to say, an official source of information, including all warnings.

NKYWx Facebook: Our official Facebook page.

NKYWx Twitter: Our official Twitter page…includes lists of meteorologists we like to follow/cooperate with/bounce things off of sometimes.


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